Nails Chic - Day Glow


$20.00 $39.99
Nails Chic - Day Glow


Be seen with these fashion-forward color put the HOT in hot pink! The Nailschic Day-Glow kit includes bright, bold colors that are sure to make a fashion statement.

The NailsChic Day-Glow Kit Includes:

8 Fashion colors each with its own brush & micro pen.

1 Cleaning Pin

Each color is .3 fl. oz.

Colors Included in this kit:

  • DayGlow- White
  • DayGlow- Purple
  • DayGlow- Red
  • DayGlow-  Yellow
  • DayGlow- Blue
  • DayGlow- Pink
  • DayGlow- Orange
  • DayGlow- Green

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